Junior’s Talk

Andre Veasey Jr. is a sophomore who is currently attending Hendrix College majoring in Business and Economics and make films. Landon Anderson is also a sophomore attending Hendrix College majoring in Computer Science. He enjoys to read and absorbing new knowledge no matter the topic.


# Why Listen? Here’s Why!

Although politics isn’t the greatest of table conversations to have, there’s still so much you can gain from hearing someone else’s opinion. Everyone has something to say and we’re a part of that group who enjoys doing so. We’ve had some ideas of ours change and others hardened by different opinions we hear.

We’ll be dicussions different political issues such as immigration, gun control, our capitalist society, and more. If you have an issue you’d like for us to discuss or you’d like to voice your opinion on and hear our thoughts on the matter then don’t be afraid to contact us.

Praise! Rock On! Uplifting!

Everyone needs a pickup every now and again. Our pick me up rhythm and that of others just also happens to be rock, Christian, and some pop music. Listen to bands such as Imagine Dragons, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, and MercyMe.

Filmmaking Filmmaking is fun yet it contains challenging aspects of telling an effective story with chosen camera angles, props, and realistic performances. That kind of talent doesn’t come over night but the efforts many make to reach that point are commendable. Some make it while others quit. We’ll be discussing films on low budgets, high budgets, shorts, features, web series, or a television show.

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